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In 1996, a demographic survey of Oranmore and it’s surrounding town lands was completed by the Oranmore Community Development Association (OCDA) and the population of the surveyed area’s was reported to be 2,881 people. Today the population is estimated to be over 7,000 and is expected to grow to approximately 12,000 by the year 2012, according to the Oranmore Area Plan 2006-2012 compiled by Galway County Council. According to the Central Statistics Office in 1987 there was less than 20,000 immigrants to Ireland whereas in 2005 the figure was more than 85,000. Our community is growing at a phenomenal rate and we have had had first hand experience of the increase in immigrants from other countries. With this in mind the OCDA believe that up to date, effective communication is of the utmost importance.

Please take a look at some details about the Communications team and projects below:

The Communications group is a relatively new addition to the OCDA portfolio and as such is looking for committee members and ideas from the community. If you would like to join the committee or have a specific interest in a project we’d love to hear from you.

Current Communications Projects


More News

The original 'More News team was primarily made up of a number of local second and third level students and as these team menbers graduated and moved to new locations with new work responsibilities the production of 'More news was taken over by the Community Resource Centre. The OCDA now recognises the need to rebuild supporting editoral and business teams to ensure the magazine meets the needs of our growing and changing community.

Phase 1 of the OCDA’s internet strategy was to develop a tourism website for Oranmore. Phase 2 involved redevelopment and expansion of the Tourism section of the website and also includes a Business Directory for the area and an Our Community section. The Business Directory is a searchable repository of over 200 local businesses from all area’s of industry, including tradespersons, tourism, retail, etc. The Our Community section provides a searchable repository of community groups and organisations from political to sports & recreation to services. This section also include details of the OCDA groups and the projects they are working on.

If you have any questions or would like to become involved please contact us

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