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Our town is ideally positioned as a base camp for any visitors to the West of Ireland and is in itself a great location to visit with loads to do and see, a wide variety of accommodation options and prices and it couldn’t be easier to get to.

Please take a look at some details about the Tourism team and projects accessible via the links below:


Whether you are a tourism product provider or accommodation provider or a member of the community interested in its promotion your support would be much appreciated.  If you would like to join the committee or are willing to help either a little or a lot with our projects we’d love to hear from you.

Tourism Officialdom

As our village expands to become a town, promotion of Oranmore through this development phase is a real challenge and the Tourism group committee are mindful of this.  The goals and aspirations of the group must reflect this changing landscape and new ideas and input are greatly appreciated.

In addition to the changes we are experiencing locally the Tourism Industry in Ireland in general is also changing.  More European and home-grown visitors are choosing Ireland as their holiday destination and as such their needs and interests differ from our traditional visitor.


To promote Oranmore as an attractive location within the Commercial Tourism Industry, with sufficient publicity and marketing in order to maximise the benefits for the local participants in this industry.


In working towards their overall goals the group also works with a number of partners and are most grateful for their support.

  • The Tourism group is one of the many groups that make up the Oranmore Community Development Association (OCDA).  Through this association the Tourism group give and receive support from all other groups.
  • The Tourism group and the OCDA are community groups and as such work hand in hand with the community at large, including individuals within the community, accommodation providers, activity and attraction organisations, community associations, etc.
  • The Tourism group liase with Tourism Organisations and bodies both within the county and outside to promote Tourism in Oranmore in a recipricol fashion.
  • The Tourism group also works closely with Failte Ireland to ensure Oranmore is considered as a prime tourist location in the West of Ireland and to gain support and expertise from Faitle Ireland for all tourism product providers in operation in the area.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.


Current Tourism Projects


Tourism Brochure for Oranmore

The Tourism group has successfully produced and self funded a short tourism brochure for Oranmore, Visitors Guide to Oranmore, including approved accommodation providers, restaurants and pubs, local service providers, local information, activities and attractions and maps of the area.  This brochure is distributed to local tourist industry providers for distribution to visitors to Oranmore.  The brochure is also circulated to tourist offices and organisations throughout the county for free distribution and is available in our own tourist office.

Tourism Website for Oranmore

The internet is the research, information and communication tool of the current generation and going into the future and as such the Tourism group in conjunction with the Communications group are developing a Tourism and Community Website for Oranmore,   The website will include lots of information about Oranmore and what it has to offer both a visitor to Oranmore and the community at large.  The site includes detailed repositories of information, such as the community directory and the business directotory and intelligent searches of these databases making it easy for the site user to find what they need to in the most efficient way.  An electronic contact form is also available allowing the website visitor ask any questions of interest and receive a reply within 2 working days.

If you have any questions or would like to become involved please contact us.

Tourism Past Projects


Tourism Business Development Plan for Oranmore

In the late 1990’s a Tourism Business Development Plan for Oranmore was researched and published and has acted as the source of future goals for the Tourism group.  The Plan included an audit and SWOT of the current situation in Oranmore with regard to tourism.  The tourism markets to Ireland were then researched and a comparison was completed based on these market interests and what Oranmore had to offer.  Finally the Plan outlined the short, medium and long term objectives needed to be achieved to successfully promote Oranmore as a tourist destination.

Oranmore Tourist Office

In April 2000 the Tourism Group proudly held the Official Opening Ceremony of the Oranmore Tourist Office with guest of honour Dr. James McDaid T.D., the then Minister for Tourism, Sports and Recreation.  The Tourist Office currently operates from the Community Resource Centre beside the Old Church, Main Street, Oranmore, telephone: +353 91 790811.  The office provides tourism information to tourists and the community alike in relation to accommodation, activities, attractions, festivals and events, transport and general information.

The development of a Tourist Office in Oranmore is something that the whole parish can be proud of and was truly a community project with the Oranmore Community Development Association, the Oranmore Tourism Group and the community at large giving of their time and skills and where required providing materials and finance, all free of charge in order to achieve this target.  Many thanks to everyone involved.

If you have any questions please ask.



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