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Sports, Recreation & Youth

Today’s youth are the adults of tomorrow, our future as a community is in their hands and recreation groups and sports teams are excellent learning tools as well as providing much needed healthy activities.  All work and no play made Jack a very dull boy!

Please take a look at some details about the Sports, Recreation and Youth team and projects accessible via the links below:


In the late 1990’s the OCDA developed a sub group called ‘ Oranmore 2000’, today this group is called ‘Youth, Sports and Recreation’.  The plan developed by the Oranmore 2000 group has a number of targets and some of these have already been achieved, please take a look at the past projects section for details.  In order to achieve the outstanding objectives such as a Youth Centre and additional playing pitches, the acquisition of land is the number one priority.  If you would like to join the committee or have a specific interest in a project we’d love to hear from you.

hurling hurling_practice


Sports, Recreation and Youth Officialdom

A healthy and balance life is a goal all of us have, whether we’re in school, working or have retired and the recreation and amenity facilities developed by this group will serve the entire community from pre-schoolers to our senior citizens.

The community is blessed to have 4 primary schools and a 1 secondary school in the area as well as 2 third level colleges and a number of post leaving certificate colleges within driving distance.  Conventional education is of the utmost importance however extra curricular activities whether they be sports, music, literary activities, etc. are equally important to having a balanced fulfilled life.



Chairperson Tom Broderick
Members Supported by all OCDA directors

Committee Charter

To develop a youth policy for the area which would include a comprehensive activities programme with maximum participation from the youth themselves.  The provision of adequate facilities to cater for the sporting, recreational and cultural needs of the entire community of Oranmore and surrounding areas, taking into account the demographic structure of the region, and with a strong emphasis on the future health, leisure and educational requirements of the area.


In working towards these Youth, Sports and Recreation goals a number of partners provided support, many thanks.

  • The Youth, Sports and Recreation group is one of the many groups that make up the Oranmore Community Development Association (OCDA).  Through this association the Youth, Sports and Recreation group give and receive support from all other groups.
  • The Youth, Sports and Recreation group and the OCDA are community groups and as such work hand in hand with the community at large, including individuals within the community, schools, sporting organisations, community associations, etc.
  • They Youth, Sports and Recreation group have gained huge support from businesses in the community from financial support to use of equipment and much more.
  • Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism have been very generous with funding for the group projects.
  • Galway County Council have provided the land in which the developments to date have been completed through a long term lease agreement for a nominal fee.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Current Sports, Recreation and Youth Projects

tug_of_war egg_and_spoon_race

Acquisition of lands

This group and the OCDA in general are committed to the development of Recreation and Amenity facilities in our community however development can not take place if land is not available.  The acquisition of land is the primary focus of the group at moment.  The purchase of land is being worked on through a number of avenue, as follows.

This year the OCDA proposed to Galway County Council that a pilot scheme for the Oranmore area be put in place where developer would contribute an additional €100,000 per acre (where 5 houses or more are developed) for the development of Recreation and Amenities for the area.  This scheme was passed by the Galway County Councillors at their meeting held on the 23rd of October, 2006.  With the assistance of the OCDA approximately 600 letters of support were sent to Galway County Council from the community and this show of support from the community played a big role in convincing the County Councillors to vote in favour of the scheme.  The OCDA also lobbied all Councillors for their support as did a number of people in the community. Well done to everyone who took the time to send a submission or call one or more Councillors.

The Oranmore Area Plan 2006-2012 includes a proposal that land not zoned for residential use could possibly be re-zoned in part for this use if the land owner agrees to sell the majority of land at reasonable price for Recreation and Amenity development.  This is dependant on the proposed residential development complying with Planning regulations.  The OCDA are involved in discussions with land owners to this end.


If you have any questions or would like to become involved please contact us.

Past Sports, Recreation & Youth Projects


All weather pitch

The development of the All Weather Pitch in the centre of the town, commonly known as the Astro-turf pitch was complete by the OCDA and the first match was played on St. Stephens day 2000.  The dimensions of the pitch are 90 metres by 50 metres and the surface is very durable synthetic which means it can be played on in all types of weather.  The total cost of development of the pitch was €423,000 and was financed by funds raised by the OCDA.  The source of these funds were a grant of €129,000 from the Department of Art, Sports and Tourism, community through fundraising initiatives such as the Local Lotto and donations from businesses and individuals in the community.  Many thanks to everyone!

The pitch is used by youth and adult sports teams alike for a range of activities including soccer training and matches, GAA training, general fitness activities, etc.  Fees for use of the pitch are very reasonable and time slots can be organised through the Community Resource Centre, beside the Old Church, call +353 91 790335 and ask for Ray Lavery.  The pitch is also currently available to all schools free of charge during school hours.

Grass Pitch

The all purpose Two Grass Pitchs are located behind the Church of the Immaculate Conception in the town centre and are 110 metres by 72 metres.  This sand based grass pitch was developed by the OCDA and completed in 2004.  The cost of development was €182,000 funded in part by a grant received from the Department of Art, Sport and Tourism and in part by community fundraising initiatives including the Local Lottery.

The pitch is available to youth and adult sports groups for a wide variety of sports including soccer and GAA.  Fees for use of the pitch are very reasonable and time slots can be organised through the Community Resource Centre, beside the Old Church, call +353 91 790335 and ask for Ray Lavery.


A playground for children up to the age of 12 years was developed by the OCDA in 2005.  The modern playground includes outdoor toys of the highest quality and safety standards and the surface of the playground floor is rubber with a foam foundation again taking health and safety requirements into account.  The cost of the playground was €108,000 and the funds were raised by the OCDA with donations from local business people and grant assistance from Galway County Council and Galway Rural Development.

The Playground is open from 10am til dusk, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

If you have any questions please ask.



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